Phoenix Raceworks

Racing. It got us where we are today. If the organisms that crawled out of the swamps of ancient Earth hadn't pushed each other in an arms race of ever increasing speed, maneuverability and sensor feedback; we wouldn't be out here. When the Chicxulub asteroid wiped out the Dinosaurs, the early mammals survived, scurrying hurriedly amongst the debris. When our forefathers swung down from the treetops they landed in a battlefield. A dangerous war zone where huge ferocious beasts roamed at speeds of up to 1100kph. These early men had quick feet but needed even quicker brains. The sensation of speed is deeply rooted in our limbic systems, our reptilian brain. It's a thrilling, controlled savagery - visceral and demanding. We are the human race, and this is Phoenix Racing.

Phoenix Racing and its skunkworks division Phoenix Raceworks were established in 2824 by the Phoenix Corporation Courier Corps, a loosely affiliated but versatile team of high speed, high value transporters. Phoenix Racing aimed to professionalize this art of speed flying throughout the organization. This opened up competitive precision flying to the entire corporation.

Anyone can take part using their own ships and everyone will have the opportunity to fly the corporation owned hardware. The fastest pilots over a series of timed runs will represent the Phoenix Raceworks team. All works ship and body part losses will be replaced in full at the expense of the corporation. All members racing their own craft will do so under the Phoenix Racing team name.

If the Enforcement division is the Top Gun, we’re the Top Run.

Register for your pilots license with our division Officer.

So you want to race?

Right, so here's how it works. You want to race. You can casually enter any race you wish but what if you lose the ship? You fully insured on that? Compete under the banner of Phoenix Racing in the races we sanction whilst at the helm of your own ship and we'll foot the insurance bill. You race outside of our approved races and you foot the bill. It's that simple. In addition to this all registered pilots will have access to corporation owned Phoenix Raceworks hardware for testing, time trialing and internal racing. The fastest pilots will be offered seats representing the works team. The works team will stay at the cutting edge of contemporary knowledge on assistive technologies and upgrades, applying them to the works ships and sharing technical data with all other Phoenix Racing pilots. All medical procedures and cybernetic replacements required to sustain life in the event of severe injury/dismemberment will not be provided by Phoenix Corporation, pilots are expected to eject. All pilots are expected to observe a basic decorum and preserve the life of the just at all reasonable cost. That includes your teammates and yourself.

Our Hardware

Here at Phoenix Raceworks we don't do things by half measures. Only the very best race-grade hardware makes the cut. We aim to dominate and look good doing it. Our machines are the fastest money can buy and we have the tuning and customization facilities to stay one step ahead of the competition, every step of the way to glory. Without further ado we present...

Phoenix - Origin M50

Once jokingly referred to as 'The Flea' for its ludicrous thrust to weight ratio and the tendency for early test pilots to get squished, the Origin Jumpworks M50 is a purpose built high speed racer. A single seater, sporting two supercharged TR2 primary thrusters totalling (x)lbf specific impulse on a lightweight, 12,000 kg, 11x10x3 airframe with 8 maneuvering thrusters; the M50 is a thoroughbred speed demon! Two underwing class 2 cannons, and one wingtip class 3 hardpoint provides an upgrade path for those that wish to trade weight for a little extra punch.

Here at Phoenix Raceworks we are committed to integrating the best possible upgrades and tunings with our M50s.

Phoenix - Origin 350R

With Origin Jumpworks multi-role 300 series platform we started to get the best of both worlds, luxury and muscle. The 350r is in essence a re-engineered 300i chassis with an upgraded StarHeart IV power plant and two class 4 Hammer Propulsion HM 4.3 primary thrusters totalling (x)lbf specific impulse. A trim 21,085kg, she's well appointed with 12 maneuvering thrusters and two wing tip Class 1 lasers as standard. One additional empty Class 2 slot in the nose and two Class 3s in the wingbox facilitate a significant upgrade in firepower at the expense of added weight, making the 350r a valid choice as a high speed interceptor. Standard combats roles are generally precluded due to weaker shielding and armour.

As ever Phoenix Raceworks stays at the cutting edge, leveraging the best technologies and setups into our 350r lineup.